Fired Up

I want to talk a little about something that I am fired up about.  There is a saying that one cannot love well, live well, if one has not dined well.  I cannot agree with that saying more.  It seemed as though that statement could have been intended for someone eating in a fine dining restaurant. We have a tendency to look at dinning well simply for adults.

I want to be the advocate for the once upon a time adult. Our children a being fed a poor diet in our educational systems.  I would suggest that a child cannot concentrate well, socially interact well, and learn well, if he or she has not dined well.  I do not believe that we can afford to place our children on the back burner. I was a part of a great innovative   project where I was the Executive Chef.

This dining experience was introduced to a local college.  The project began with a simple question.  We wanted to know what would be great food for the students. Second   question was where we can get 60% of it locally.  The third question was will the students like it.  I implemented a survey to give the students a voice in what they were eating. I’m fired up about what our kids are consuming. We should all have that same concern.  Lets get fired up together and do something about it.