Food has always allowed me to express the way I feel.  Different days bring about different designs. I am a big advocate art of Art in food.  As a Chef you must focus on presentation, quality, and taste.  There is a saying that people eat with their eyes.  In order to stay relevant with the times a Chef should keep up with the latest trend and techniques in order to present something new and fresh to his or her guest.
Food must be a part of a Chef’s lifestyle.

 You can never be a great designer of something that you do not have a passion for. I dream about food and what possibilities are ahead with it.  Food can be dramatic or very peaceful in design.  It has the ability to take you to faraway place like a great book.  Food never disappoints; it is the Chef’s responsibility to bring out all of the fine qualities that the product has to offer.  
Chefs have a great responsibility to each guest.  We must ensure that the best is given out of our imaginations and inspirations.  We must see what is beautiful in food and paint a picture by creating our best work.  

  ~Chef Tisdale (Chef’s Southern Grill)